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Are you frustrated with school work papers and want to know how to get the done faster? There are so many ways to make paper assignments easier even the most challenging assignments can be completed quickly. With any homeworks assignment it helps to plan your time before starting to ensure it gets completed on time.

Doing Less for More Productivity

Does doing more mean you get more? Many people will answer with a yes. For more Success, money, happiness, and tranquillity, one has to do a lot. Research has proven that to pump up productivity and pleasure; we should do less. We often find ourselves busy almost every other time but with minimal results. If we put a stop to the counterproductive things, it leaves us with ample time to do what is important. Clearing the schedule creates more space for extra fun activities.

People with occupied lives should pinpoint what they should not do. The processes should be systematic and based on evidence. Working with women who double up as mothers and entrepreneurs, has helped in creating an exercise. It aids individuals in making these decisions. The exercise comprises of the following steps

Steps to Follow

  • Step one

Get a piece of paper. Draw a straight line in the mid-section of the paper along the length.

  • Step two

Pinpoint an area in your life, at work, or at home where you want to improve with less stress.

  • Step Three

On one side of the paper, write down the activities you carry out in that sector of your life.

  • Step Four

On the other side of the paper, write down all your most significant achievements in the sector of life you chose to focus on. Step four is often tricky because some people are not used to celebrating themselves. But, do not overthink it. Write down whatever comes to mind.

  • Step Five

Draw connecting lines with each relating an achievement to an activity responsible. If a feat is a result of two activities, then join the two.

  • Step Six

Use a different colored pen to mark the activities responsible for those achievements. Those that are not marked are things you should stop doing, cut, or schedule a specific time for it. If the activity is not very important, stopping is the best solution.

The same approach is applicable in other sectors of life too. For example, if your family life is a bit estranged, you can write down several activities that you have enjoyed doing with family members in the past. Pick out the ones that connected you most and do them more often

Think about all the activities you carry out regularly, such as routine house chores. Using this exercise may reduce the amount of time spent on these household tasks. Some tasks have become routines in our lives; hence we feel like we must carry them out, others are as a result of trying to mimic other people’s lives. Such perceptions led to stress in case one fails to carry the task out.

Creating a systematic way of carrying out tasks makes work more comfortable. Like teaching your kids responsibility. Such that they are responsible for their statistics homework getting done. You have to learn more about what your family members love doing. It may contribute to a stronger bond between you. Let such things be in your list.

Do the exercise for several sectors in your life. What brings happiness in your life is what you should consider more. Be ruthless about the whole process for the best results.


Achievements are not a measure of a meaningful life. It is about your happiness and creating more time to reflect on yourself. Do less and be productive at the same time. Hire a helper to do my statistics assignment for me online and save lots of time for productivity and success. Do more subtractions and fewer additions.

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