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A Look At Top 10 Homework Excuses Given By Students

Students can go all the length to find excuses for their failure to do their homework. They say the unthinkable-from funny to weird excuses for their failure to perform their homework. We shall be taking a look at some of these excuses which students often plot as stories aimed at deceiving their teachers. Here we go:

The Cat/Dog Excuse

The excuse bothering on animals is a very popular reason that students give for their inability to perform their biology homework. It is either the dog is sick or they are taking care of it or the cat out rightly ate the assignment. This is done to whip up sentiments.

I Forgot It At Home

When students fail to do their homework or were not able to complete it; they come to the school to give their teacher the excuse that they forgot their homework at home. This is another ploy by the students to cover up their inadequacies to do their homework.

 Did Not Remember I Had A Homework

This is another excuse that students give to cover up their deficiencies. How on earth can a student who is not suffering from memory loss forget about a given homework? Except you are able to convince your teacher that you are suffering from memory loss; it will be difficult to get away with this excuse.

Had Issues With My Computer Or Printer

Another excuse that students give for not submitting their assignment on schedule has to do with the fact that their computer crashed. If students say their printer malfunctioned, the teacher might ask the student to send such assignment by Email- the excuse is old fashioned. Some students come up with the excuse that the information on their dad’s computer was stolen by hackers because their dad is a developer of note.

Stolen Homework

Some students tell their teachers a tale of how they encountered some thieves on their way to school who fought with them and succeeded in making away with their notebook that contains their homework. Truth is; it would have been better to give a fight and end up a hero or heroine than simply giving up without a fight.

The Homework Was Too Tough To Handle

In some instances, students come up with the excuse that the homework was rather too tough a nut for them to crack. They come up with underlined words in their text that they found too hard to comprehend all in an attempt to buy more time for the assignment.

There Was An Unexpected Power Cut

Students are also in the habit of giving excuses of power cuts to justify their inability to carry out their homework as at when due.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are also used as excuse for not meeting the deadline for doing their homework. This excuse is weak and will hardly be accepted by teachers.

Domestic Catastrophe

This is another excuse that students give and it will hold water if it is not too funny.

I Was Sick

It is very common for students to give headache as the reason why they are not able to complete their homework.

Final Take

The above are 10 of the common excuses given by students to justify their inability to complete their homework.

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